Where to get your Seasonal Flu Vaccine

The flu vaccine is very important as it can keep you from getting sick with flu, reduce the risk of flu-associated hospitalization, and reduce severity of the illness. The best way to fight off infection is to be healthy from the start. If you have certain health conditions, you may be more susceptible to getting very sick, including the flu turning into pneumonia.

You can receive your flu vaccine at any Elixir network pharmacy at 100% coverage. Please be sure to show your Elixir Pharmacy card or Kaiser card at the time of service.

Elixir network pharmacies include Safeway, Raley’s and other participating Employers.

To Find an in-network pharmacy near you, see info below. You can also find these numbers on the back of your pharmacy ID card.

FOR UEBT Active Members: call Elixir at (844) 348-9612

FOR UCBT Active Members: call Elixir at (833) 803-4392

For both Non-Medicare and Medicare Retirees, you may also utilize any Elixir network pharmacy for your flu vaccination. Please be sure to show your Elixir Pharmacy or Kaiser card when getting a vaccine at an in-network pharmacy.

You can receive your vaccine at your Doctor’s office; however, you will be responsible for the office visit copay.

If you are a Kaiser Member, you also have the option to get your vaccines at any Kaiser facility.

Kaiser Senior Advantage Retirees must contact Kaiser for vaccine information.