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See below for a general list of forms that can be downloaded or printed. Please use the filter buttons to help search for a specific form by category. Some forms may only be found behind your secure participant login. Click the blue "Showing __ Results" text at the top of the directory to see more forms.

  • UEBT Active Premier Enrollment Packet
  • UEBT Active Ultra Enrollment Packet
  • UEBT Active Annual Verification Enrollment Packet
  • UEBT Retiree Enrollment Packet
  • Kaiser Medicare Enrollment Packet
  • UEBT Active Other Insurance Information (OII) Form
  • UEBT Retiree Other Insurance Information (OII) Form
  • Adopted or Step Child Verification Form
  • Appointment of Personal Representative Form
  • Benefits Registration Form
  • Kaiser Medicare Senior Advantage Disenrollment Form
  • UCBT Active Premier Enrollment Packet